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  • Επιστήμες της Αγωγής: Θεωρητικές, Ερευνητικές και Διδακτικές Προσεγγίσεις στην Ιστορία και στην Τοπική Ιστορία


    The Postgraduate program “History, Teaching History, Education Policy” aims at providing a master’s degree specializing in the science of History. It focuses on research or teaching issues of the specific historical field and is particularly committed to the promotion of local historical research.

    Graduates of the program can become better teachers, more active citizens with historical-research interests, researchers with thorough knowledge of the methodology and of the field trends. Therefore, they are able to expand the opportunities of their professional future in local, public, municipal or private archives, libraries, cultural associations, historical research centers etc.

    Above all, however, the specific Postgraduate program aims at the promotion of research and the change of local society through the interaction with this program. The Postgraduate program has recently undertaken the responsible task of raising awareness of the living monuments and historical remains of Florina in the light of the initiative of the Municipality of Florina. This fact will be –in our opinion– the prototype for the realization of this goal.


    The Director of the Postgraduate program

    Iliadou-Tahou Sofia